Your information is well organized and easy to follow. Thanks again for your leadership and support with technology. (JP, Head of School)


Maya is a knowledgeable, generous colleague. As the Director of IT at Lincoln Academy, I have worked closely with Maya, in her capacity as a science teacher and as the local teacher leader for the Maine Learning Technology Initiative. Whether you need someone with a solid grasp of scientific content or someone to help you expand your use of technology in the classroom, you won’t find a more competent collaborator. She has a great sense of humor, to boot! (NA, Director of Technology)

Maya Crosby represents the ‘best of the best’ as a secondary level instructor and educational professional with an emphasis on sciences curricula. Key attributes are preparatory skills, out-of-the-box thinking, content expertise, technology integration and both classroom and relationship management skills. Ms. Crosby continues to increase her professional capital by continually growing her skill sets, networking with her colleagues and staying integrated with technology and relevant trends in her profession. (DP, IT professional and teacher)

Maya really helped me out this year. She was always ready to help and guide me with the new laptops. She talked clearly and in a language that I could understand. I would never have been “Moodle worthy” without Maya’s help. (CS, Teacher)

Maya is an inspiring colleague who is dedicated to eLearning and its implementation regardless of the barriers that may exist.  She has all of the hallmarks of an excellent technology integrator while at the same time being an excellent science teacher.  She is an amazing part of a greater learning community calling for eLearning and meaningful reform in schools. (TSM, E-learning consultant)